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    Our Engineering team provides you with professional OEM services and supports you in any aspect with comprehensive manufacturing lines and strict quality inspections.

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    Our R&D team and expert engineers provide you with extraordinary ODM services and support you in any aspect with the most creative yet practical designs and quality productions.

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    Our experts and experienced practitioners provide you with diverse solutions in Whole-house bamboo customization.

  • A factory with over 14 years of production experience


    A factory with over 14 years of production experience

    MAGICBAMBOO is a supplier dedicated to providing high-quality bamboo furniture and homeproducts to businesses and individuals worldwide. From bamboo cultivation to bamboo board production, and now to bamboo finished products, we have over ten years of experience.

  • The Finest Quality Raw Materials


    The Finest Quality Raw Materials

    The raw materials for our bamboo products primarily come from Longyan, Fujian, a region known for its abundant bamboo resources. By controlling the source of materials and utilizing advanced production techniques, we ensure visually appealing products of superior quality.

  • Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing


    Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing

    Magic Bamboo boasts a professional business and design team, providing comprehensive services from concept to product realization. We offer personalized customization services, ensuring mutual success.

  • A factory with over 14 years of production experience
  • The Finest Quality Raw Materials
  • Professional Team Ensuring Smooth Sailing
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